Fruit Pop Catnip Kicker
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Fruit Pop Catnip Kicker

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Each kicker is stuffed with poly fill and either potent natural catnip or silver vine powder. (*wondering what silver vine powder is? scroll to the bottom)

Sizes: Small-2 x 5 inches

Large-3 x 9 inches

**Each item is handmade so may vary in size slightly.

Each size has the option to add ribbon for added fun for your kitty! Your kitty will love these catnip kickers! The larger size is great for cats who like to hold kickers with their front and back legs.


1- Find where the catnip is inside the toy and rub it between your fingers to activate the catnip more

2-Put older kickers in a bag or box filled with catnip and let it become saturated for a few days As with any product, supervise your pet's use of this product. Please check your toy regularly for wear to ensure safety for your pet.

*Silver vine powder is a catnip alternative. It works similar to catnip, but the natural chemical is different. Silver vine powder is said to affect cats for longer than catnip with a stronger impact.