Christmas Cheer Mask
Christmas Cheer Mask
Ryderdie Designs

Christmas Cheer Mask

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Please wash mask before use and after every use.

Disclaimer: A cloth mask is not a replacement for a surgical or N95 mask. It is a preventative measure to be used with social distancing and frequent hand washing. Please don't leave children unattended with mask.

Each face mask is handmade using two separate pieces of coordinating fabric. Inside fabric may vary depending on current selection.

Mask Options

Tie-On: Mask ties around back of head and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

Elastic Ear Loops: Loops fit over ears.

-wash hands before and after taking mask on/off
-change mask often and wash daily
-do not touch outer surface when removing
-store mask in zippered bag

-wash in hot water with soak
-dry in hot dryer
-handle with clean hands
-may press with hot iron if mask gets mis-shaped